About Us

Company Overview

Charitable Solutions, LLC, is a planned giving risk management consulting firm. We focus on non-cash asset receipt and disposition, charitable gift annuity risk management, gift annuity reinsurance brokerage services and life insurance appraisals. We also provide emergency assistance fund administration.


Our principals and consultants have expertise in planned giving/major gifts, investment management, financial planning, risk management, real estate transactions, tangible personal property donations, emergency assistance funds, donor advised funds and actuarial consulting. With these skills, we provide charities with practical risk management solutions for non-cash donations and charitable gift annuities – the only two types of gifts in which a charity can actually lose more money than the original gift.

Our Services

While the majority of charitable donations are cash and liquid, publicly-traded securities, the majority of the nation’s wealth is in illiquid assets such as real estate. We can help turn these assets into cash for your organization. Read more >
We offer a comprehensive package of gift annuity risk management services and modeling tools, plus a proprietary business process designed for pools of $10 million or more. Read more >
We’ll help you determine the reinsurance plan that will work best for your organization. Read more >
We provide appraisals for all life insurance and annuity contracts as well as assistance with the required IRS Forms. Read more >
We provide comprehensive outsourced employee assistance fund administration and compliance through the Emergency Assistance Foundation, LLC. This includes grant application drafting, legal and tax compliance, application vetting, and more. Read more >
Our CEO, Bryan Clontz, is a highly recommended speaker for a wide variety of community and charitable topics. Read more >