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MAY-Donor Queries

Are you anxious about having a discussion with one of your donors about an illiquid asset gift? It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, and you do not need to know everything about a particular asset type.

APRIL-Two Gifts, One Transaction

Combining two split interest gift types into a single transaction isn’t easy. We had a situation presented to us earlier this year, and through some creative thinking and careful risk management, we crafted a great gift solution for the donor.

MARCH-Business Interest Success Story

This successful donation was one of the 72 illiquid asset gifts amounting to more than $350 million managed by Charitable Solutions in 2018. Among these, we noted an uptick in gifts of business interests, similar to the experience of other charities. But

FEB-Gifts of Real Estate

We’ve been asked from time to time to share success stories for gift situations that come across our desks at Charitable Solutions. As a first case, this gift from last fall is a good example of certain nuances of the gift acceptance process for a principal residence.