Our Team of Experts

Bryan Clontz

President & Founder

Bryan Clontz, PhD, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®, AEP®, RICP®, CBP, has extensive experience in planned giving consulting, charitable gift annuities, noncash asset receipt/disposition, donor advised funds, and emergency assistance funds. Read more about Bryan,

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Ryan Raffin

Vice President, Noncash Assets and Research

Ryan Raffin, JD, serves as Vice President, Noncash Assets & Research, focusing on compliance, tax, and due diligence issues relating to charitable giving. His work involves assessment of proposed donations and liquidation of donated assets.

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Julie Rapacioli

Chief Financial Officer

Julie Rapacioli serves as Chief Financial Officer, bringing more than 25 years of accounting and finance experience from the non-profit and financial industries to Charitable Solutions. For more about Julie,

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Brad Caswell

Vice President, New Business

As a seasoned donor advised fund senior executive, Brad Caswell leads our new business and marketing efforts across all service lines.

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Gary Snerson

Senior Vice President, Noncash Assets

Gary Snerson, JD, serves as Senior Vice President, Noncash Assets. He has served as the Senior Vice President of Estates and Special Investments at the Harvard Endowment. For more about Gary,

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Michael Carey

Vice President, National Gift Annuity Foundation

Michael Carey serves as Vice President of National Gift Annuity Foundation, the country’s largest independent charitable gift annuity pool, and has extensive experience in charitable estate design and various advanced gift arrangements, including charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities. For more about Michael,

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Johnne Syverson

Vice President, Gift Annuity Services

Johnne serves as Charitable Solution’s Vice President of Gift Annuity Services and is the Executive Director of the Charitable Giving Resource Center, LLC. For more information about Johnne,

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Tina Sethi

Financial Controller

Tina Sethi serves as Financial Controller for Charitable Solutions. Prior to assuming this role, Tina
spent 12 years in various financial sector positions with several Fortune 500 companies and Canada’s
three largest banks. For more about Tina,

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Alexandra Sedor

Director of Gift Annuity Administration

As Director of Gift Annuity Administration, Alexandra Sedor manages regulatory tax compliance and donor relations for the National Gift Annuity Foundation. For more about Alex,

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Kim Clontz

Marketing Director

Kim Clontz has managed marketing and communications for Charitable Solutions Director for more than 15 years. Previously, she was public relations director for Atlanta-based Shepherd Center. For more about Kim,

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Douglas Stockham

Partner and President, Emergency Assistance Foundation, Inc.

Douglas A. Stockham, SIOR, CCIM serves as Partner and President of Emergency Assistance Foundation. He has extensive experience in real estate, non-profits and community foundations. Read more about Doug, 

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Russell A. Willis III

Manager, Non-Cash Research

Russell A. Willis III, J.D., LL.M. serves as Manager of non-cash research and provides legal research and advice on income and transfer tax planning.For more about Russ, 

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Dr. Donald F. Behan

Advisor, Gift Annuity Services

Dr. Behan serves as a consulting actuary for charitable gift annuity risk management services and reinsurance design.

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Christina Elisa Mallari

Senior Administrative Assistant

Christina provides direct support to Charitable Solutions' senior staff. Specifically, she manages databases, provides internet and market research, and offers special project support.

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Andrew Lathbury

Director, Real Estate Property Management

Andrew is responsible for managing all aspects of real estate acquired by Dechomai Foundation Inc. and Dechomai Asset Trust.
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