Crypto is Backo: Charitable Planning with Outright Gifts, DAFs and CGAs/CRTs

photo of gold bit coin Spring (and crypto) has officially sprung!  We always try to be timely, so with Bitcoin recently crossing a record $70K/token (and a lot of other altcoins hitting records as well), we thought it would probably be good to discuss the current crypto charitable ecosystem.nnWe have delivered multiple webinars in the past few years on this topic, so this will be a bit of a reprise as well as new information on crypto charitable planning.  This will NOT be a basics webinar, however, so feel free to rewatch our past crypto webinars here -

Attendees will learn:

    1. Why crypto can be a great way to donate (with caveats)
    2. How charities can receive crypto directly or indirectly
    3. What charitable vehicles work well for crypto (DAFs, CGAs and CRTs) and which ones are very challenging (like testamentary gifts)
    4. Practical donor and charity considerations in the new crypto landscape
    5. Some recent charitable case studies on crypto (we have already received more donations YTD than all of last year)... but also a reminder to keep crypto donations in perspective (it has consistently been 1% of our total noncash donations - business interests are 90%)

Ryan Raffin, JD, CAP® will be leading this webinar with Bryan Clontz, Ph.D., CFP®, AEP®, CAP® on April 24th and 25th.  Join us by registering here: