A Record-Setting Year in Review

Happy Happy New Year 2021 - Countdown To Midnight - Clock And Bokeh LightsNew Year Everyone!

I first have to say that I am glad we all survived 2020 (especially December!).  In 2020, we set records across all areas, and if we make it to tomorrow, will celebrate Charitable Solutions/Dechomai Foundation’s 18th year anniversary.

Non-Cash Activity

  • For the year: 97 non-cash donations were made, with a total value of $361,842,100 (average donation roughly $3.5 million. This is down about $1M from previous years’ averages but we were completing about 60-70 gifts vs. nearly 100)
  • December Alone: 35 donations with a value of $233,226,949
  • Total 12/31/20 Dechomai assets, including all affiliated foundations, is over $675 million

Remember, 100% of these donations (and all the resulting assets) were initially declined by the charity referring the case.  Upon liquidation, the donor may recommend an advised fund grant of all the net proceeds to the charity(ies) of their choice.  We have now completed over $1.5 BILLION in non-cash donations since inception with $1 BILLION completed in the last 36 months.

National Gift Annuity Foundation Activity

  • We completed 76 new charitable gift annuities in 2020 for $10.5 million (average $138K, which is more than double the national average), total CGA pool is now $44 million
  • December Alone: 16 new CGAs for $2 million
  • Highlights:  NGAF is registered in 49 states (not HI) and can accept illiquid asset donations after due diligence review.

CGA Risk Management

  • We completed eight new actuarial CGA risk audits
  • We completed reinsurance design/placement for over 80 contracts representing $25 million in CGAs

Qualified Appraisals

  • 82 life insurance appraisals, 35 virtual currency appraisals (crypto requests are coming in about 10 a week right now!)

Speaking/Continuing Education

  • 43 speaking engagements (all virtual and down from 200+ the prior year)

Emergency Assistance Administration

  • Administered a Section 139 plan and made over 10,000 COVID related employee-relief grants for a large hotel chain.
  • As a FYI:  The other charity I founded (and continue to work with), Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF) www.emergencyassistancefdn.org, will celebrate 10 years next month. It now has 152 team members, 345 company funds (mainly Fortune 500 multi-nationals) with over 11 million employees globally. EAF raised $160 million last year and made over 200,000 pandemic grants globally.

Our mission: By managing risk, our 16-person team helps donors make contributions that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

Upcoming Webinars:

The January session of our ongoing webinar series takes a deeper dive into Emerging 2020/2021 Complex Giving Trends and then we will highlight five different case studies from closed 2020 gifts.  They will include:  Two different types of crypto donations, foreign and domestic real estate through wills as well as for a CGA, S-Corp donation and a complex reinsurance case for a $15 million CGA.

Past Webinar Recordings (charitablesolutionsllc.com/webinars)