Timeshares:  The Black Hole of Charitable Giving


It is hot, it is summer, so it is time to take vacations at resorts.  But maybe donors don’t want to take a summer vacation anymore… alas, what can they do? Fill in the Blank Quiz:  ChatGPT defines __________ as capturing all kinetic energy when a particle passes beyond the event horizon, but quantum theory suggests…

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DEBT:  The Four Letter Word of Noncash Transactions

Hands over a plant growing from a pile of coins

I would rather hear ANY four letter word than D.E.B.T. when discussing a noncash transaction.  And a little known fact, Aretha Franklin’s original song line wasn’t “R.E.S.P.E.C.T… find out what it means to me”…. it was “D.E.B.T…. find out how unrelated business income tax and bargain sales will impact me.”  I think she should have…

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One Shoe Dropping: IRS is Finally Stepping into the Donor Advised Fund Space

After 17 years of near silence, IRS has finally begun to issue proposed regulations interpreting and implementing legislation enacted in 2006 to “improve accountability” of donor advised funds. They have announced four regulatory projects, three of which will deal with excise taxes on “taxable distributions” and on “prohibited benefits” and “excess benefits” to disqualified persons, and one…

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Top Ten Noncash Post-Gift Considerations and Conundrums

nnThe gift plan design, due diligence, ownership transfer is complete and the written acknowledgment is delivered to finalize the gift over the goal line… congratulations!!!  Now you may want to “set it and forget it” to move on to the next project… or take a well-deserved vacation.  Just when you thought it was safe to…

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Charitable Gifts of LLCs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Just when you thought you knew how to donate an LLC interest, here comes all the permutations and complexity.  I was so impressed with Reynolds Cafferata’s presentation on this topic at the national CGP conference last year, I was so glad when he agreed to reprise the talk for our May webinar.  This presentation discusses…

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