Donating Commercial Real Estate:  Trends, Tricks, Traps and Travel

Some of the most charitably-inclined people nationally are real estate investors.  They are often deeply involved in their local community and tend to be very place-based (think farmers/developers/apartment owners).  But they usually fund their charitable interests using cash – omg… the humanity!!!!!!

This session covers:

  • The various types of commercial real estate
  • Some of the trends/tricks we are seeing in the real estate market
  • Some of the traps for the unwary (or even wary) when it comes to these transactions
  • How real estate can be used for funding outright gifts/DAFs, CGAs/CRTs and estate gifts
  • Some recent case studies to expand your thinking of the possibilities

Our last white paper showed that our team/charity (Dechomai) is now completing more real estate gifts than any other charity nationally.  And even with higher interest rates, the pace has not slowed down.