Timeshares:  The Black Hole of Charitable Giving

It is hot, it is summer, so it is time to take vacations at resorts.  But maybe donors don’t want to take a summer vacation anymore… alas, what can they do?

Fill in the Blank Quiz:  ChatGPT defines __________ as capturing all kinetic energy when a particle passes beyond the event horizon, but quantum theory suggests that they eventually release this energy as Hawking radiation. Hawking radiation is energy that is squeezed from the vacuum near the event horizon. CLOSE UP OF KEY AND HOUSE KEYCHAIN ​​IN HIGH SECURITY DOOR LOCK.

Physicist Answer:         Black Hole

Gift Planner Answer:   Timeshares! These ALSO suck all energy only to be released later as nuclear radiation (event horizon = summer and released radiation = sun tan)

There are no other assets donors try to dump on charities more than timeshares, but professional advisors and gift planners still have to field the calls.

In this webinar session attendees will learn:

  1.  Why you should NEVER accept a timeshare!!!!
  2. What to do if you accept a timeshare because you didn’t remember you should NEVER accept a timeshare!!!!
  3. Clever ways of accepting timeshares on paper that aren’t very clever in reality (you are thinking silent auctions aren’t you?)
  4. Alternative ways the donor can sell the timeshare directly (but they don’t want to because it is so much work and no one will make an offer and attorneys are involved and they just don’t want the hassle so here charity, you take it.)
  5. Nasty recent legal trouble for a charity receiving timeshares

After this session, I guarantee you will never think about receiving a timeshare the same way again, but it will hopefully offer some practical non-grumpy-old-man advice donors can use.

Please join Bryan Clontz, Ph.D., CFP®, AEP®, CAP® on June 18th and 20th by registering here: