Long Live The Donor (Well, Not Too Long!): Mortality Table Mysteries in Gift Planning

Since nearly the beginning of time, Development staff have joyfully quipped, “Create a gift annuity with us and you are guaranteed to live forever!”, followed by a “Isn’t that great… it is like discovering the Fountain of Youth!”  To which the Finance/Investment Officer, who always seems to overhear these conversations anxiously says, “Wait… what?”

This lively session about death will cover all SIX of the gift planning mortality tables, how they are used, why they are used and, most importantly, the material implications of misinterpreting or misusing the data.  How can this fill an hour you are thinking?  Just wait… attendees will learn:

  • Summary of: Census Tables, Annuity Tables (Annuity 2000/IAR 2012), Improvement Tables, Gift Annuity Expected Return Multiple Table, ACGA Mortality Assumption, IRS RMD Tables (Uniform Table)
  • Applications of all six tables in mini-case vignettes
  • Challenges with table interpretations
  • Donor and charity implications based on required tables versus reality with specific CGA and CRT research findings

At least during your life, you will never think about death the same way again!

Please review the recording of the webinar featuring Bryan Clontz, Ph.D., CFP®, AEP®, CAP®.

Past Webinar Recordings (charitablesolutionsllc.com/webinars)