Motivations and Philosophy Trends of Mega Donors: Seven Faces of Philanthropy, Giving Pledge, Epic Hero Story and Effective Altruism

Over the last three years, our team has averaged 7-10 new leads/conversations, with about one closed donation averaging $4.4 million EACH DAY.  These are mega donors however anyone defines that term.  We have completed gifts for 5-10 billionaires each year (at least that we know of).  So what, you might ask? 

There are a number of new and old trends that have become clear in these conversations and this session will cover an overview of some core motivations (with a lot of cited resources).  These definitions will be illustrated with actual recent case studies or even news reports… like Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX founder, cited by many as the most well-known figure in Effective Altruism.

  • Why do these donors give?
  • How do these donors give?
  • What vehicles and attributes are they interested in?
  • Are these motivations changing generationally?
  • Do these motivations change by gender?

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